Valentine’s day. Romeo and Juliet in Italy, 6000 years ago.

The Lovers of Valdaro in their eternal embrace

The Lovers of Valdaro in their eternal embrace

In 2007 archaeologists found two skeletons in the village Valdaro, not far from Mantua in northern Italy. Special about this find was that the faces were directed towards each other and that the deceased held each other in a warm embrace.

Normally, at every other excavation, the bones would have been taken apart to investigate them. Here however this would have broken the unique entanglement. The researchers therefore decided to lift the block in which the lovers were found in its entirety.

The analysis of the bones confirmed the suspicions: the skeletons were those of a young man and a young woman who were between 18 and 20 years old and approximately 1.57 m large. They are known as the lovers of Valdaro. There is in contrast with the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare no indication that they would have died a violent death.

One has to guess why the lovers died. A deadly contagious disease is a possibility. Their relatives must have been deeply moved by their tragic death. We may assume that they, like all people until recently, believed in life after death. This is probably the reason why they were buried them in an intense entanglement, an eternal embrace. Their love was probably brief but intense during their lifetime. As a symbol, they may become known worldwide.

It learns us that true love existed 6,000 years ago as well as it does today.

A tragic fact of life took the life of the lovers of Valdaro but their deep entanglement testifies today that love can be forever.

A Committee was founded that wishes to exhibit the Valdaro Lovers permanently .
For the moment nothing much can be seen at their site,, but we hope they succeed. Mantua is situated near Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Photos about the excavations and the removal of the skeletons are at: